Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Look Alikes??

If you aren't aware by now, Ruth Ann looks nothing like me and everything like her daddy's family. I keep telling Arch we're just lucky he makes a cute little girl. From hair coloring to over all general good looks, she is her daddy's little girl...an argument could be made that where she lacks my own good looks she acts exactly like me...sweet as sugar! Yeah right, I know she's mean as a snake, just like her momma!

Anyway, lots of people have been asking if I think Tripp-man looks like Ruth Ann. In his first weeks he hands down looked like my dad and brother...at last, a baby who resembles my family. As he's packing on weight he is starting to look a little more like Ruth Ann, but I think that's just because of the chub...I don't make skinny babies. I'm convinced Tripp still looks like my dad...only it's what my dad would look like if he had some fat under his skin...my daddy's a skinny fellow...those are genes I didn't inherit, but instead get to spend a life time coveting!

You decide...here is a side by side of Ruth Ann and Tripp at the same age...3 months old. I almost want to cry looking at Ruth Ann at this age. I just can't believe how fast time has flown by...this picture was taken as we were walking out the door to Betsy Brown's 1st birthday...Bets just turned 3 years old. I'm sure now Sally is sharing a tear or two with me!

ruth ann & tripp 3mths

~clearly Ruth Ann had more hair...which was good thing since she had lots of bows by this point...but their skin and hair coloring is the same-that's the McCarty's, I had black hair as a child and only by the grace of my colorist have I ever had blond hair.
~the nose...Spencer has the same nose in his baby pictures too.
~One word...chubby.

~I just don't think they have the same over all look.
~Tripp has my more round face shape while Ruth Ann has her daddy's square face shape.
~I think Tripp has my eyes.
~Tripp has fuller lips.

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Brantley said...

I agree -- they look similar enough for it not to be shocking that they are brother & sister but they have very different face structure.