Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Girl

This is Ruth Ann...


And she makes me laugh...not just in the picture, but on a pretty regular basis when we're together. Here are some of the things lately that have brought a smile to my face...

~While Arch & I were watching tv Ruth Ann turned around and looked at Arch and it a very matter-a-fact voice said "So what's your problem Daddy?"

~Recently has started calling two things located on her front torso her "Belly Buttons"...and not her actual belly button. After a bath the other night she said "Mommy, I have little belly buttons. You have big belly buttons." Later in the week she also said I had monster big belly buttons...thanks Toots!

~Ruth Ann spends the better part of her day talking...and talking...and talking. This continues when she's trying to fall asleep. I was laying down with her last night and when she ran out of things to talk about from our day she started talking about cartoon characters! Last night she wanted to talk about Olivia's school teacher (Olivia is a cartoon pig on Nick Jr.)...I'm starting to feel sorry for any friends who she will have sleep overs with when she gets older...she may talk their ears off all night long!

~She loves music and pretending she's playing a musical instrument. As she's pretending to play she often sings the phrase "Rockin roll song" or "Step to the beat".

~Ruth Ann has been battling the constant runny nose due to seasonal allergies...while sitting in my lap she said "My nose is running." Then wiped it on my shirt...gross, but she did look at me and said "I wiped it on your shirt."...thanks!

~It's super difficult to get out of our road in the morning. Most mornings you can find me yelling at my fellow drivers for blocking the intersection or for illegally entering the lane for our road to use to enter traffic...my blood boils just thinking about it. I've never been one to use foul language, so my yelling is always clean...however, the little ears in the back seat have picked up on my morning routine. Last week I had a fairly easy time exiting our road...but from the back seat I heard "Get out of my way!"...followed by "You want to say this Mommy?".

~In the last year...since Ruth Ann moved from "baby" to "toddler" she never lets me hold her like a baby anymore. However, in the last few weeks...since she and Tripp started taking their bathes together...when I'm getting her out of the tub she wants to be carried from her tub to her room like a baby all wrapped up in her towel. I love hearing "Mommy, hold me like a baby." because I don't know how much longer she'll want this or how much longer I can physically hold her like this.

~We watch a lot of Nick, Jr...don't judge me, I think it's educational and the fact that Ruth Ann identifies letters, shapes and occasionally speaks Spanish or Chinese tells me I'm right. One show is about a small Asian child and 3 of her animal friends...and it's very emotional. Ruth Ann is often saying "I'm so mad." or "I'm so sad." For a while I thought she was just repeating, but she has started adding "I'm sad, I miss Grammy." or if Spencer or Daddy are teasing her she'll say she's so mad in the meanest voice and the cross her little sassy arms.

I could go on and on...rarely are we together for more than 15 minutes that she doesn't say or do something that makes me laugh.  As trying as this age can be...I'm randomly rewarded with a laugh complements of my sweet baby girl!

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Sal-utations! said...

It's not just you, Ruth Ann is ADORABLE! She makes me laugh every 15 minutes that I'm around her too!

BTW, we do "hold me like a baby" too after every bath. LOVE this tradition and am holding on to it like crazy too! ;)

Auralee said...

She's just full of sass! I love it and being so cute is just an added bonus.