Saturday, April 16, 2011


Okay, let me set the stage for you. In recent months Ruth Ann has been talking about monsters...a lot. At first I did a lot of talking about how there were no monsters and our dog outside would protect us and monsters can't get in the house...etc. But nothing helped...she had convinced herself they existed...the end. So I started playing along with her instead and what I discovered was that she would turn it around and assure ME there were no monsters. When she would hear a sound from the back porch and said I thought I heard a monster, she would explain to me that it was just Griffy (our dog).  She seemed to fix the monster problem for herself.

However, sometimes I tease her just to see the Drama Mama within come out in full force. We are deep into potty training right now and I'm finding many of our best conversations are had in the bathroom. Last night we had the bathroom window open so we could hear all the bugs outside. We can also hear the interstate from our house so you can hear the big loud trucks roaring down the road. When you see Ruth Ann cut her eyes up and to the right, she's looking towards the open window. My parents think this very cruel...but if you know Ruth Ann you know she's fearless...I believe a little fear isn't such a bad thing and could keep her out of trouble in the future!

In the background you'll also hear Tripp crying. It was his bedtime and he was resisting it last night...I promise, he was fine.

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Auralee said...

Tara - OMG - poor Ruth Ann!!!! This makes me laugh at both of you!