Monday, October 10, 2011

9 months

...and a few days. I promise I love this baby boy from here to the moon and back...but sometimes I don't love to blog promptly.


I can't believe this little guy has hit the 9 month mark. Having a baby turn 9 months old is a milestone for me because he is now the same age out of my belly as it took for him to grow inside my belly...and that's just crazy for me to think about. If you've ever been pregnant, you know those 9 months seem to move at a snail's pace...but in a lot of ways I feel like I was just coming home with this new baby boy and now he's 9 months old!

Here's what Tripp-man is up to...
~can you tell by the color of his orange nose that he LOVES orange veggies? I can get him to eat the green ones...but apparently I'm the only one. Both his grandparents and his daddy claim he doesn't eat anything green for them. In person the orange is not so obvious...but in pictures it really stands out.
~he's not just a crawler he's pulling up...and pulling everything off of any low lying surface in sight! Ruth Ann was 14 months old before she started walking and I fulling expected the same from my second child...but I think he wants to keep up with the crowd so he seems to be ahead of Ruth Ann when it comes to motor skills...although I think that's pretty normal between girls vs. boys. He has also increased his crawl speed...he's a little motor man now. He follows me from room begging to be held...which is cute and sweet for about 5 minutes and then I've had enough when I'm trying to keep up with the house work, 2 little ones and working. His favorite moments are when all of his family members are in the same room together...but if one of leaves the room he begins crying and tries to crawl after you. Again, very sweet...but you grow tired of the crying quickly...I promise.
~still babbling away. He currently loves the cats...and so far they're loving him right back. We're lucky to have 2 really friendly cats. Lacie will rub up against him over and over when the mood strikes her...we call it "hugging" in our house. Because of all the love our cats are showing him he seems to be trying to say "kitty", which is a new addition to his vocab. I've tried letting him watch Baby Signing Time, but he doesn't seem as interested in it as Ruth Ann was. We'll keep trying...there really isn't anything cuter than watching a little one use sign language.
~along with being a power crawler this little guy has fallen in deep love with all kinds of balls...he'll chase one around the living room, into the kitchen and back...


~he's also a drooling machine...I keep thinking teeth are going to pop through those little gums any day...but so far we haven't seen any.


~and just when I think he can't possibly get any cuter...he looks up at me and he's cuter than ever...


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