Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dressing baby boys in the South

When I found out 3 years ago that I was expecting a baby girl I had no doubt in my mind how I would be dressing her. I knew her closet would be filled with smocked dresses, dresses with big white collars, a-line dress, lots of monograms and bows in a variety of sizes & colors. Basically, dressing little girls in the South is easy and LOTS of fun!

When I found out a year ago I was having a baby boy my world was rocked by a lot of silly and unimportant things...but rocked none the less. How was going to dress this little boy? When I first started shopping for newborn clothes it was completely boring...everything I found for baby boys was blue...and although I love light blue (it's one of the best colors for both my kids to wear)...a closet full of blue eventually looks BORING! As Tripp has grown I've started making more and more of his clothes. My sewing teacher will admit that she much prefers sewing for girls rather than boys and with each student who tells her she's expecting a baby we all know she starts hoping for a baby girl...but she made the comment the other night that I've really embraced sewing for boys. I realized that boy projects are all I've really been working on for months. I've found I love sewing & smocking for Tripp just as much as I ever did for Ruth Ann.

It took me a few months, but I've come to the opinion that dressing boys in the South can be just as much fun as dressing little girls...but to dress boys correctly and be a good Southern Momma you must embrace and appreciate the following...

Jon-Jon's...or Long-alls




and Camo...


All of which Tripp looks precious in and all of which should be staples in any good Southern little boy's closet. I had some opinions about the length of time little boys should wear smocking/jon-jon's/long-alls before I had a little boy...all those rules flew right out the window once I saw how cute my chubby little boy looks when he's dressed in them...he'll be wearing them until I can no longer find a pattern in his size!

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Brantley said...

Tripp looks cute in anything! But both of your children should be thankful that their Mama has good taste in clothes!