Sunday, October 16, 2011

The things I'm going to miss

I use to never dread the change of seasons...that all changed when I had children and now new seasons mean new clothes. Not that I'm opposed to shopping for new clothes...I'm opposed to the impact it has on my pocket-book. But almost as much as I hate buying new clothes, I also hate knowing that I'll never see my sweet children in the outfits I've grown to's one of my faves...


It's by Matilda Jane...and to say I LOVE Matilda Jane is an understatement! I was invited to my first home show party a year and half ago. I had never heard of this brand before so I checked them out online to see what they had to offer. Looking online I didn't really think it was my style and kinda thought about not going to the party at all...but I'm so glad I gave it a chance! In person it's hard not to fall in love with everything you see. This has been one of my favorite outfits and I love that we have gotten nearly 2 years of wear out of it...the prices may be higher than what you usually pay for kids clothes, but most everything can be used for more than one season...which is worth the cost for me.

From the very first time I dressed Ruth Ann in a Matilda Jane outfit I knew that one day if my fabulous friend Amanda ever had a baby girl this is how she would dress her. I called her shortly after this party and told her I was going to start saving all my Matilda Jane for her in the hopes she would one day have a little girl...I knew she would love and appreciate it...and now Amanda is due to have a little girl in December. I can't wait to see how cute her sweet baby girl will look in these clothes!

You can browse what Matilda Jane has of offer at You can't always order online...they periodically open the website up of online orders, but usually you have to order through one of their trunk keepers.  If you live in the Columbia area leave me a comment with your email and I'll be happy to put you in touch with the trunk keeper I use here in town. 

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