Monday, October 17, 2011

A million and one pictures

So by now, those who know me personally or don't know me at all may have noticed I like to take a few pictures of kids. This weekend was unseasonably warm so I grabbed the chance to take a few pictures of my kids in some of their warm weather Auburn clothes that we may never be able to wear again. Once more I'm reminded of how difficult it can be to get 2 kids, 2 years old and 9 months, to look at the camera. I also don't know how my photographer does it and am convinced I would turn to alcohol or prescribed drugs if I had to do this for a living. However, this morning I had a well behaved 4 year old in the booth testing her hearing and she was doing just fine. It's not uncommon for a 4 year old to need some repeat instruction or some positive reinforcement to get through a complete hearing test, but I could tell the mother was concerned about whether or not this sweet girl was behaving herself. I reassured her mother she was doing just fine and then told her if I ever had to test my own children I would be beating down the glass window demanding they pay attention...clearly, mom's don't always have the same level of patience with there own children as professionals do!

Anyway...I usually take about a million pictures of my kids...most of which get deleted because they look like this...


or this...


And now matter how many times I ask the 2 year old...who in my opinion is completely capable of simply looking in the direction of her mother...I get this...


Which isn't really all her fault because it must be a genetic flaw she just can't fight. I give you exhibit A:


But if I'm anything, I'm persistant when it comes to getting a picture...even if all my neighbors may or may not have heard me yell/threaten my children to just look at the camera! And sometimes that persistance pays off with some sweet moments...



These two can be little boogers sometimes...but they're my little boogers and I love them more and more every day!


And for my Auburn friends out there...I made Tripp's outfit and he wore it approximately 1 time thanks to a cool Saturdays and me procrastinating when it came to putting the buttons & button holes on the is outfit. It's a size 12 months (but Tripp is comfortably wearing it at 9 1/2 months) and up borrowing to the next Auburn Momma to have a baby boy!

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