Saturday, November 5, 2011

10 Months Old

Guess who just keeps getting older and matter how many times I tell him to stop...


And just when I think it can't get any harder to get his regularly scheduled monthly does. This month it was particularly difficult to get him to smile and show his shirt at the same time...hence the very serious series of pictures for this month. I'll have to get the shirt and camera back out when Arch is here to help me get him to smile and keep him in one's just too much for this momma to handle at one time!


Tripp is pulling up on everything...and now he's cruising too. I keep thinking he's going to let go and start walking any day...but I kinda think he'll be cruising for quite a while.

He continues to babble is his little blond head off...and I'm pleased to say "Mama" is one of his favorite words these days.


He's still eating stage 3 foods so well that I haven't tried giving him any table food...but he did have his first pancake this morning so I have a feeling we'll be eating more and more table food this month. Although he is still drinking formula, I think I may have bought my last cans of formula...when these run out we're switching to whole milk. But at the rate groceries keep going up it may actually be less expensive to keep him on formula!


Still no teeth...he's been "teething" for months and I've yet to see any sign of teeth. I think Ruth Ann was 11 mths old before she got her first tooth and it looks like Tripp-man is following in her footsteps!

I can barely believe we are closing in on Tripp's first birthday. This time last year we were at Disney and I was 7 months so many ways I feel like it was just yesterday and now suddenly I have this very cute, active, precious beyond words 10 month old baby boy right before my eyes! I love you sweet boy...but seriously, stop getting older!

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Brantley said...

I can't believe his monthly shirts are now in the double digits!