Monday, November 7, 2011

Party in the front.... in the back. My sweet boy has what I've been referring to as a "reverse mullet"...



I'm not sure why his hair has grown out this way...but I long for the days of being able to pull hair out of my infants face with an outfit coordinating hair bow...clearly not acceptable for a little boy. I'm not quite ready for the official first hair cut, so I took matters into my own hands, got I got out my hair shears and went to work to just give it a tiny trim...


He looks a little unsure about it but my goal was to make it still look like baby hair...just out of his eyes & to avoid my baby looking like his father may actually be Lloyd Christmas from "Dumb & Dumber". I think I achieved my goal...we'll be going to a pro for our next hair cut...this is another job I feel should best be left to those well trained in their field!

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