Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

Last year we celebrated Halloween at Disney and Ruth Ann kinda got an idea of trick or treating as we walked from shop to shop in Downtown Disney...but this year I planned on trick or treating the old fashioned way. We don't live in a neighborhood that trick or treats...but several of my friends do, so we hit their neighborhoods with them.

I probably should have warned them that in my day I was a marathon trick or treater and this habit was fully supported by mom...also a fan of trick or treating...she would let me & my brother go around our neighborhood and then drive us to other local neighborhoods...always following us closely from the car. We decided  to start off our night in the Brown's neighborhood with some of our fun friends...


Police man Jay looks like he just had a long night on the night shift...his dad straightened him up and I noticed a little something extra in his gun holster...


These sweet girls had a fun time together and in an effort to stay in costume...Betsy referred to Ruth Ann as "Dorothy" all night...



It's a little known fact that Dorothy loved shopping at Bloomingdale's!

Finally the last pictures were taken...


And we were off...



Since it was still a little day light outside when we finished with the Brown's we headed over to the Clark's who live in a very large and very popular trick or treating neighborhood. The Brown's hung in for about another 30 minutes and the Betsy had her fill. Brantley, her cousin Sydney and I kept going with Ruth Ann and Mason....both of their siblings were home sick and missed out on the action this year. We made it back to the Clark's and as Ruth Ann and I were leaving the neighborhood a little part of me wanted to park, unload her and hit a few more houses...I just can't give up the trick or treating bug. Ruth Ann probably would have been up for it too because she seems to have inherited my love for it...her strategy was to hang out at the bowl longer than all the other kids and that usually scored her an extra piece of candy...or two.

We got back home and surveyed the loot...


Not bad at all. Too bad I'm on South Beach and I can't enjoy any of her delicious treats...I have a feeling her big brother will be making a big dent in her stash this week!

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