Sunday, November 6, 2011


During the past week I've had lots of friends posting daily on Facebook...and some even going above and beyond and posting daily on their blogs...about what they're thankful for. I love the idea, but I also know I run hot and cold on posting both on the blog and on Facebook. But the thought of participating had crossed my mind...then Saturday morning I walked in the kitchen and this is what I found...




My sweet children and husband (who may have the worst bed head of anyone on the planet) making pancakes. In the first picture I have some of the things I'm most thankful husband, my children, Saturday mornings in PJs and carbohydrates! The last of which I have often times found myself being too thankful for and can thank for the extra weight I'm currently starving dieting to try to loss.

And by the looks of the way this baby boy enjoyed his first pancake I'd say we have another carb lover amongst us...


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