Friday, November 18, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do

This past week I sat down at my sewing machine and found this...


I had no idea what in the world it was...and if you can't tell by the picture, then let me describe it for's a small piece of corduroy fabric with about 7 straight pins holding it together in a very odd fashion. I have yelled calmly talked with Ruth Ann at great length about keeping her hands off of my sewing table...but the sewing room is also the playroom. This is very convient with I want to sew and keep an eye on the's very inconvient when Ruth Ann finds herself alone in the playroom and the sewing table lures her over with all it's shiney and pointy objects.


It may look like a gigantic mess to most...but I know where everything is...kinda. As much as it angers me that Ruth Ann continues to disobey me and plays with things off of my sewing table at the same time it reminds me why I wanted to start sewing in the first place. I grew up watching my mom sew for me...she didn't have a sewing room, so she had to get her machine out and then put it away when she was finished...but I remember wanting to cut with her sissors and play with her things too. I'm hopeful that one day Ruth Ann will remember these days of watching me sew for her and decide to do the same for her children too...but until then, hands off momma's table!

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Auralee said...

Haha! I knew that RA had to have her hands on that little masterpiece of hers, heehee. I'm sure baby sister will do the same when she gets older.