Saturday, December 3, 2011

Monogram sale

Kelly's Korner...look for the link to her blog in the right hand hosting a monogram hunt for those mommas like myself who like to monogram.

For those checking me out via Kelly's Korner, I own a monograming machine so I have lots of personalized clothing for my children. It would take me hours to photograph and post all the pics, but if you're here and interested in what I have, leave a comment with your contact info and I'll email you pictures. I use mostly high quality shirts and buy boutique clothing that I'm selling. I do have shirts from target that I've personalized that I'll be willing to give away. Here's the initials I have...

3mths-2T girls "R"' "Ruth Ann", rMa
3 mths-12mths boys "T", "Tripp", aMb

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