Saturday, December 17, 2011

Where does the time go??

When I was kid the time between my birthday, Christmas and Summer seemed like time is flying by in a complete blur. In the last 3 weeks I've easily taken over 1000 pictures...Thanksgiving, Disney, birthday's, etc...and I have finally weeded through and loaded most of them so I promise I'll be posting frequently in the next few days...

The time that's on my mind right now is the time that is most precious to me & I feel like it is slipping through my's time with my sweet babies. On December 1st Ruth Ann turned 3 years old...I'm still in denial. And on January 1st Tripp will turn 1...also, in denial. Between the stress of the holidays and both of my babies having birthdays not only do I feel like the days are flying by...but I'm also on the verge of tears at the annual reminder that my babies are growing up too quickly!

I feel like I was just living this day...


I remember checking into the hospital the night before and that terrible night of sleep I got before Ruth Ann's big day. I feel like I was just handed my sweet little girl for the first time and then I blink and this is the baby girl I'm holding now almost at the exact the same moment 3 years later...


(Ruth Ann was born at 10:38 am and it wasn't until I sat down to write this post that I realized this picture was taken at 10:31 am on her birthday)

I was warned before hand that having a 3 year old may be the most challenging of all ages...and so far that's been VERY true! But there are lots of fun things about this age too. It sounds strange to say...but Ruth Ann is like a little person now. She chats with me, she has irrational arguments with me (that's one of the things that makes you want to pull your hair out when dealing with a 3 year old), she has her own interesting thoughts and ideas that she likes to share, she tells me all about her day and her friends when I pick her up from school or from her grandparents and she's FUNNY...I laugh at the things she says all the time. She's my willing side kick a lot of days while Tripp stays home with Daddy and I love looking in the rear view mirror and seeing her happy to be Mommy's tag-a-long. I wanted to be a mommy for as long as I can remember...for me it was never a question of "If" I wanted children, it's always been "When" I have children. This sweet girl made me a mommy after a very long wait and there are no words to say just how grateful I am that God granted me the privilege to be her Momma.

These days are going too fast and I'm often left wondering where the time is going...but even though I feel like these days are going quickly...however, thanks to a 3 year old attitude, some days feel like they last an eternity...everyday just gets sweeter and sweeter and I look forward to more and more birthday's spent with this little girl!

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Heidi said...

you know posts like this kill me! sweet little girl!

Brantley said...

Happy belated birthday to Ruth Ann! I love the hospital picture!