Thursday, December 29, 2011

My 2nd Born

It's a good thing I'm positive Tripp-man is my very last baby because I fear if I had a 3rd he or she would be forced to raise themselves...or DSS may remove them from my custody due to neglect.

Mom's of multiple children may understand this...or maybe I'm incredibly neglectful...but I feel like my 2nd born rarely, if ever, has my undivided attention. As his 1st birthday rapidly approaches the following things have crossed my mind...

~During Ruth Ann's 1st year I read the weekly updates from Baby Center to keep track of each and every little thing Ruth Ann should be doing...although I did sign up for Tripp's weekly updates, I don't think I've read even one of them.

~Ruth Ann took to eating very well...she ate cereal well and Stage 1 & 2 foods well, but we skipped Stage 3 foods and went straight to table foods several months before she turned 1. As Tripp's 1st birthday crept closer I started to remember we took Ruth Ann to dinner at Chick-fil-a for her first birthday dinner, and as of December 1st, I hadn't even tried feeding Tripp table food! He's been eating Stage 3 foods so well (and it's so much easier & cleaner for me to feed him) that I had not even started to think that it's time for him to start feeding himself.

And sippy cups???


Is it any wonder why he's looking at it like it's a foreign object??  Perhaps because he has never wrapped his chubby hands around one??


Thank goodness God makes these little creatures resilient...and Tripp is basically fending for himself...or he's a genius...


Or he's just 100% McCarty and we McCarty's all find a way to feed ourselves...because clearly not one of us looks as if we've let a meal be missed!

This little fellow has had hugs and kisses a plenty...but I think a part of me wants him to stay a baby for as long as possible and I guess I thought the longer I treated him like a baby the longer he would stay that way...but I can't fight what's going to happen on Sunday morning...those emails I've been ignoring from Baby Center telling me what my "baby" should be doing will now turn to what my "toddler" should be doing...and I'm going to spend as much time as possible between now and then crying and rocking my baby boy!
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