Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things we love...

Ruth Ann took to a pacie in the first weeks of her life...Tripp could have cared less. Ruth Ann took every nap with her lovie (which we refer to as "Baby")...Tripp could have taken or left his. But some time in the last few months Tripp has discovered a deep, deep love of both...


I was very strict about pacies only being used at bedtime for Ruth Ann...rules have become much more relax for this little guy. Partially because it helps transform Needy Ned back into sweet Tripp-man.


He also loves to carry his Baby around with him and it may be the word he says most often. What I think is super sweet is the way he rubs it on his little nose just like Ruth Ann use to...and still does when she's falling asleep.

I've also fallen in love with a few things lately...


My friend Sally let me in a secret skin care product when we were in Charleston a few weeks ago. She told me she had been using raw shea butter on her face and body for almost 2 years and she was loving the results. I gave some thought to trying it on my body...but the thought of putting something that feels like vasoline on my face almost made me feel like a giant zit was already forming on my face. But I bought it and got adventurous...I started using it on my face at night...I've been using it for over a month now and my skin is in the best condition of my life. I've not had one break out and I'm convinced I'll never wrinkle if I keep doing it's CHEAP! I think I paid $17 for this jar and it was packed full. I'll probably use this for at least 6 price for skin care I've ever seen!

Tripp has also had a never ending running nose and I'm wishing I owned stock in this company...


The name is kinda gross...but if you don't use these for your kid's running noses you should start now. I can't imagine how raw Tripp's nose would be if I didn't have these handy!

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The 1st of May said...

Wait til this summer! You are not going to BELIEVE how it heals a sunburn right up!!!