Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reason #582 why I love sewing...

So a few weeks ago the newest Kelly's Kids catalog arrived. I've never ordered anything from this company, but it's definitely my style for children's clothing and I have friends who love their things. You may remember me saying I've been addicted to red & any shade of blue clothing, so when I saw several things in the Spring 2012 catalog that were red & blue I knew I would be buying a few things this year.

This dress caught my eye...

stripe dress front

Cost: $52

This dress didn't catch my eye because I wanted it on my wish caught my eye because it looked just like a dress I had made for Ruth Ann a few years ago...minus the smocking...


I had seen this dress modified at my sewing teachers studio & knew how to change the bodice to be attached to a skirt without smocking, so I set out to make this dress for myself...this dress is so super easy because there really isn't much to took less than a day to complete and that's was with some hand sewing too.



Cost: $20ish for fabric & buttons

I love having the ability now to find something cute online, in a catalog or in a store and then recreate it for myself. I really enjoy sewing but the feeling of accomplishment and the money I saved by making it myself feels good too!

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The Crotwell Family said...

Are you kidding me, you are so talented Tara!! I was given the Kelly's Kids catalog too and fell in love with all the dresses and vintage jumpers and only wish I could sew that well to recreate the looks. The only thing I can make well is the pillowcase dress. ha.

lindler5 said...

super cute!!

The 1st of May said...

That is AWESOME!!! Looks JUST like it!

I see li'l Tripp peeking out the window! :)

Brantley said...