Sunday, August 5, 2012

A first...and possibly a last

Last week my friend Sally, who was 37 weeks pregnant, sent me a text message after her 37 week check-up saying she was 5cm dilated! I called her right back and asked if she was headed to the hospital...and to my surprise she said no! We share the same doctor and Julie had told her she would probably go into labor that night but gave her the option for an induction the next day. Her oldest was out of town, but her daughter, Betsy, was still in town so I offered to let her spend the night with us...our very first, of many I'm sure sure, sleep overs. I decided to pop some popcorn and put on a movie...
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Sally & Justin ended up at the hospital that night so we felt sure Baby Lucy would be here in no time...but the nurses ultimately ended up sending her home...which meant I needed to get these girls to bed because Betsy would be heading to school bright and early the next morning. But around 11:00pm Sally was back at the hospital and by 12:30am this sweet girl arrived...


I've seen some pretty cute little newborn baby girls...I have one myself that I thought was beautiful...but this little girl maybe the prettiest newborn baby I've ever seen...she is such a cutie!

I made a few cute onesies for her and Sally wondered how I was able to make them and not want another newborn of my own...I told her I probably had one or both of my children at my feet the whole time I was working on them and that alone helps to cure any baby fever I may have had...but holding her I almost want another of my own...but my kids were screaming and crying a short time later so that curbed my baby fever again...I'm positive I'm finished!

Sally was the first of our little circle of 3 to have a baby and she's also, possibly, the I previously stated, I'm positive I'm finished, but I can't speak for everyone...I would say Sweet Lucy stands a good chance of being the last sweet baby to join our little group....and what a sweet note to end on!

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It's so sweet seeing both of my sweet babies with Sweet Lucy...but it gives me dry heaves to think about the possiblity of bringing all three of these cuties home to my house...and with the age spread it's hat's off to mom's with children so close together!


Ruth Ann left wanting a baby sister...I told Sally it was good thing I don't mind disappointing my children!

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The 1st of May said...

SO sweet that Ruth Ann is asking for a sister. THANK YOU for entertaining Betsy...Having such a FUN time at your house kept her mind off the fact that over night she was turning from our littlest girl to big sister!

LOVE these onesies you made...PERFECT for a newborn...when you ever get a shop together I've got lots of "model" pics of pretty little Lucy in them for your website!