Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School

On Tuesday Ruth Ann started 3 year old preschool. We are very happy to be going back to the same school from last year and after I left the parents meeting Monday night I was very happy to see some of my favorite kids from last year in Ruth Ann's class again. We are missing a few great friends from her class last year that I know we'll miss but I'm hoping to see those friends outside of school more this year. For those of you who know the drama I had from this summer regarding this school year...I've come to terms with things and am determined to make the best out of school this year...and I have to stop talking about it around my ever listening 3yr old because I heard her repeat some of the things I've said on the phone to others.

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I kinda wondered how Ruth Ann was going to handle being dropped off this year. She's cried the last 2 years on the first day and then for a few days after. But not this year...she walked in with a smile on her face, her teacher Ms. Melissa helped her find her name...she usually ids her name by finding the "R", but there is a Reagan next to her, so now she's looking for her 2 names... Ms. Melissa helped her find her name on her bus to "check in" to school and then found her chair to play until class started.
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No tears were shed...and that almost made me want to break into tears! It's funny how when she's crying I'm able to be strong and turn around to leave so the teacher can calm her down. But when she doesn't cry at all I want to sob and have the teacher step out in the hall and comfort me! Where has my baby girl gone??

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