Friday, August 3, 2012

Is a 19mth old still a baby??

I remember feeling like Ruth Ann was a "big girl" at this age...she was about to start 1yr old preschool and was a few months from being a big sister...but when I look at the this sweet face...


All I see is a baby boy...a big baby boy...but a baby boy just the same.

While watching the Olympics this week there is a P&G commercial that has been's the short from 6-8 are all walking into Olympic events all geared up for the sport they are competing in and waving to the crowds. One little girl is on the balance beam and one little curly blond headed boy is about to dive off the highest platform. Then they cut to the audience and show a nervous momma and the caption reads "To their Mom's, they'll always be kids."...and I have to fight back my tears.

I'm always been a fan of the Olympics, but I love the attention they're giving to the parents this year because as proud as I am of my country for winning...can you even imagine what those parents are feeling? I compare it to the moment Tripp walked on his own or when Ruth Ann was FINALLY potty trained!

My kids may never make it to the Olympics, but no matter what the accomplish, I'll always be in the stands cheering and I'm pretty sure I'll be imagining them as babies from my momma point of view!

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Brantley said...

I feel the same way!