Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Reading

This post is a few weeks over due...oh well. This past summer I decided I wanted to take more advantage of our local library. But summer got going and it wasn't until July that Ruth Ann and I made our first trip to the library...


I love that this picture is taken outside of the library in front of a statue that is in memory of my elementary school librarian. She was your iconic librarian and served 3 generations of students at Lexington Elementary...she's a legend.

We found out on our first trip about the summer reading program and I enrolled Ruth Ann in the program...4 weeks of reading...we had 5 weeks to get it done...and you could only claim one week at a time. I already knew we would be out of town on one of those weekends so we were commited to be at the library every Saturday.

Our first book was Pippi Longstockings...which I remembered from my childhood. But we were introduced to The Magic Treehouse books by my friend Sally and we spend the rest of the summer reading our way through some of those books. They're chapter books, which I like to read to Ruth Ann so we aren't getting 8 books out to read at a time, and take exactly 30 minutes for me to read out loud to Ruth Ann from cover to cover...they were perfect for us to reach our summer reading goal.

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We made it to the end and I wish I could say we're reading as much as we were...but we aren't reading nearly enough. Perhaps since I've now admitted that to myself we'll get the reading show back on the road again!

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