Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tripp's turn at Preschool

Today FREEDOM arrived in the form of Tripp-man attending his first day of preschool. Now I'm under no delusion that Tripp's morning at "preschool" is anything more than play time mixed with some loving from his sweet teachers...but it's freedom for me none the less! Ruth Ann attended a 1 day a week program at this age and for 4 sweet months I had the morning all to myself...but then Tripp arrived the following January so her time at school has always been alone time for me and Tripp. But as most toddlers get to the 18mth mark it becomes increasing difficult to do much of anything done during their waking hours...but as of today I've reclaimed my 4 hours of solitude...and a big part of me can hardly believe he's old enough to be taking this step.

I've come to realize a few things in the past weeks, some I've already known, but I'm coming to terms with a lot of them...

~My expectations of Ruth Ann were much higher at this age than they are of Tripp...I think it may have been because Ruth Ann was so verbal at this age so I felt like if she could communicate this well, then she should also understand my expectations of her saying "Please" or "Thank you", or picking up her mess of toys. Tripp's language skills have taken off in the last 2 months but mostly what he says is "I want (fill in the blank with all his little heart's desire)"...and we hand it right over to him without asking him to say please or when he gets it to tell us thank you...that ends now!

~I carry this child everywhere! I was 5 months pregnant with Tripp when Ruth Ann was this age and I know for a fact I made her walk...into the store, into the house, to her room to change her diaper...everywhere. We even went to Disney while I was pregnant and although I did carry her a little bit, she mostly walked. Now even though I'm aware of this...I'm not doing anything about it...I'll keep carrying him as long as I can lift him!

~I never let Ruth Ann take her lovey to school for security...I packed Tripp's without a second thought! I always had Ruth Ann's pacie with clip in her school bag but hated when I found it in her mouth when I would pick her up...I had Tripp's clipped to his jon-jon when I dropped him off. Ughh...I'm seriously setting my children up for oldest child/youngest child syndrome! ~I also realize I don't take Tripp's picture nearly enough because he refused to stand still and let me take his picture...leading to few cute pics of his first day of school!


He mostly wanted to get in his book bag...

060 061

Ruth Ann helped walk him in...


He did walk, I didn't carry him...


And just as I remembered, my 4 hours of alone time flew by and before I knew it I had to head back to the school to pick him up...

071 072 073

I was told he had a great time and the only time he cried was when they had to come back inside from the playground...that sounds right, he loves being outside!

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