Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tractor time

Even though I have an undergraduate degree in speech, it's still amazing to me to watch my own children develop language. If my speech pathology classes had not bored me to tears perhaps I could have really enjoyed that profession...but I'm a much better audiologist so God knew what he was doing when He let my mind wander during all those hours of a language acquisition classes!

Tripp's speech has taken off in leaps and bounds in the last few weeks. He's gone from using one word utterances to two word utterances...mostly to show possession...but if you start talking about have his undivided attention. We pass a John Deere tractor store every day so we talk a lot about tractors, but when he refers to tractors he can ride on he is usually talking about riding his Grandaddy's lawn mower (which he is usually driven around on when my in-laws keep my kids while I'm at work) or our 4-wheeler.

The other topic Tripp loves to talk about is Papaw...which Papaw loves, but his momma and Grammy are not feeling the love when all he wants to talk about is Papaw or Daddy!

My dad is an engineer by trade, but is a repressed farmer...and he comes from a long line of repressed farmers...his brothers and my Papaw have all loved farming, but it was not any of their professions...just their obsessions.

My dad was bailing hay this week and wanted Tripp to come out and ride the tractor with my dad gets older, his tractors to get nicer...currently he has an air conditioned cab...Tripp would not have cared if it was an open air seat...he loves tractors of any shape and size!

024 028

Someone was a little unhappy to not get to ride guess who that was...


But we watched the tractor bail some hay and patiently waited for Papaw to return so she could ride too...

033 044

And then they were back...

050 And it was someone else's turn... 051

And then someone else was upset he wasn't having a turn...I fully excepted this will be the next 17 years of my life...


Put I did get a few cute pictures of him sitting on a round bail...

073 082

And then he wanted to go after the tractor...

084 089

Much to Tripp's dislike, we left right after was hot and Papaw had to get back to work...but I'm sure we'll be back for more rides in the future!

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