Monday, October 11, 2010

The best $5 I've ever spent...


A few weeks ago I found myself in Walgreen's...not sure why, I don't enjoy chain pharmacies, I give my pharmacy business to independent pharmacists (Sunset Pharmacy if you live in Columbia)...I think the candy was on sale and the thought of cheap Nerds led me into the store. Anyway, while I was there I headed down the clearance isle. There I spotted a bubble blower similar to one my mom had purchased for her house. I had not seen Ruth Ann enjoy the bubble blower, but I washed the clothes covered in soap that proved she loved Grammy's purchase. This bubble blower happened to also be 50% off making it a $5 purchase...sold. I'm now convinced this is the best $5 I've ever spent...





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Brantley said...

We bought the exact same bubble blower at the beginning of the summer! It provided hours of entertainment & made it through gallons of bubble liquid & at least 2 new sets of batteries. get what you pay of the gears inside broke & it eventually stopped working altogether. Oh well, it was probably made in China & even if we paid full price I still think we got our money's worth!