Saturday, October 23, 2010

One of my Fall favorites...


The South Carolina State Fair!!


In recent years the fair has started $5 lunch passes (usually a ticket purchased at the gate is $10) and if you're out before 2pm you get your $5's been the way I've enjoyed the fair for the last few years, but I think this may be the last year I can get away with just 2 hours of fair time with Ruth Ann joining me. She was still a little too short for the rides (but you try explaining that to an almost 2 year old...believe me, the tears flowed), but you're never too little to enjoy my favorite part of the fair...the food.


Ruth Ann & I shared a corndog & Fiske fries...delicious (as Ruth Ann now says when she eats something she finds particularly yummy).


Please excuse the unlady like way Ruth Ann is sitting, but strollers are just not made for little girls who wear least she's wearing tights!

As we were eating I noticed this new ride in the distance...


I was in complete shock at how they have modified one of my favorite fair rides...the swings. Growing up I usually went to the fair with my friend Allison and her family. We always purchased the "Pay One Price" ticket which allowed you to ride as many rides as you could stand...the classic swings were always a fave and we always rode them multiple times...either I've gotten too old or I'm just a big fraidy cat but you'll never find me on this newer version...yikes!

As 2pm got closer we headed to another one of my adult favorites...




Now maybe this is just the pregnant woman in me talking, but this was the most delicious (wondering where Ruth Ann picked up this word??) I can remember was the perfect amount of dough and not too greasy...yum!

Guess who else loved the elephant ear???


Although she kept calling it a cookie...that's okay, she'll learn, this won't be her last elephant ear.

But next time I need to be a better mother and keep her a little more clean...she had sugar EVERYWHERE...hand, face, top of her head, in her seat...she had to have a good dusting off before she could get in the car.



I told Arch this was the last year I could do a solo mission to the fair, so he's going to have to go with me next year. Maybe this will draw him to the fair...


I'm a traditionalist in a lot of ways...what I eat at the fair is one of the examples of my traditional ways...corndog and fries & I'm a happy girl. In the last few years I've seen fried butter, and fried candy bars, but doughnut burgers...yuck! I'm pregnant and still want nothing to do with whatever this is...dessert or sandwich?? On our 2nd round to the fair for lunch this week I got a picture of the doughnut burger, but it didn't turn out well...but let me tell you it is literally a patty of ground beef between 2 slices of doughnut. I'm convinced someone was on drugs when this fair food was thought up!

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