Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last day at the pool

Summer 2010 has come and gone. Ada and Toni came down to visit a few weeks ago and thanks to some warmer than usual temps in September we were able to squeeze in one more day in the pool. I attended a wedding while this group lounged in the pool. When I got there to pick up Ruth Ann she was on top of the slide shivering but still having a fun time in the pool. She dried off and showed me some of the things she had been doing while I was gone...

A little water color painting...these are one use only when you use them by the pool and you're 21 months old.


Then she decided to brush her teeth with her paint brush which resulted in a blue smile...


Then Aunt Toni let her do a little finger nail painting with the water colors...


Then Ada joined in and it turns out she is very good at painting nails...she becomes more and more of a girlly girl every time I see her!


We've enjoyed the pool this summer and are looking forward to more fun days at the pool next summer with Baby Boy!

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