Monday, October 4, 2010

Dinner with friends

A few weeks ago we had our monthly supper club at the Tunmores...I'm weeks overdue in posting these pics, but some were just too cute to let pass by...

Auralee bought the most beautiful and delicious cake for my birthday...all the other members of our supper club (excluding myself of course) are Gamecock fans, so it took a lot for them to bare the sight of this cake the weekend before they would be playing Auburn. I don't think any of them care for the color orange due to a dislike for another SC college, but this cake was delicious enough to overlook the color...even if you had to eat it with your eyes closed!


The Tunmores have a great backyard filled with lots of balls, bats and golf can pick what sport you play...but Ruth Ann had a hard time deciding which she wanted to play...


Sweet Betsy...


Christopher was watching Jay's so funny to think of Jay as the "Big Boy" in this group of kids because he was the first baby in our group of friends. Don't tell him because he might not like this, but he'll always be Baby Jay to me.


Brantley brought a yummy seafood dip which 2 little girls seemed to be enjoying...


And then Ruth Ann thought Roper needed a little bit extra her defense he has very kissable cheeks...


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Jennie said...

I can't believe how much Ruth Ann is growing! Sometimes I just wish they'd slow down so we can enjoy their smallness longer.

BTW, I LOVE the cake :)