Thursday, October 14, 2010

Big as a house

That's how I feel...and the worst part with my 2nd pregnancy is knowing I'm only going to get bigger...yikes!

Ignorance truly was bliss during pregnancy #1. I'm not weighing as much on the scales as I did at this point with Ruth Ann, but I feel so much larger this time. I'm carrying #2 completely different and that has a lot to do with how I'm feeling. I carried Ruth Ann so low...I use to joke that I had lots of torso room being that I'm such a tall girl, but Baby #2 is not taking advantage of the room available and has decided to camp out right underneath my rib cage. Carrying this baby so high seems to make him stick straight out...see for I am at 26 weeks...


Lacie Lou either thought I was crazy and came to check on me or is vain and wanted a little camera time for herself...


Friday morning I have a sweet friend, Heidi, who will be delivering her Baby #2...they've settled on a name unlike our nameless baby (Madelyn Kate). Heidi has a daughter 3 months older than Ruth Ann and then Heidi discovered she was pregnant a few months before we found out our family would be expanding too. Today Heidi posted on Facebook about spending her last day with her daughter...just the 2 of them. I'm very excited about having a new baby and seeing our family grow, but it still hurts my heart a little to know Ruth Ann is never going to remember this time when she was the baby in our lives. Although when asked whose girl she is she responds with either "Grammy's Girl" or "Papaw's Girl" maybe she isn't all that interested in being the baby in our family...she's already learned who she has wrapped around each pinkie finger and Momma isn't one of them!

Please keep Heidi and Baby Madelyn in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow...I can't wait to see a newborn baby again!

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Chad and Allison Nicholson said...

Tara, you look great! My little one has been straight out the whole many ppl said it was characteristic of boys, but who knows!?! I'm so excited for you!