Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mason turns 3!

Happy Birthday to Mason! I can't believe he turned 3 years old...yet another reminder of how time is flying by.

Mason's grandparents live on a farm and even though he's growing up in the "city" (in quotes because if you've ever been to our home town you know we're not exactly a metropolis)...he's still a country boy at heart and a tractor theme was perfect for this fellow!


Taking a big bite out of his cake...yumm!



And then we all hopped on the trailer and went for a hayride around the neighborhood!



A rare family photo...Spencer wasn't with us this weekend, otherwise this picture would have been perfect!


I'm not sure who Sally is calling a loser over Ruth Ann's shoulder, but I'm sure it was necessary...

Mason didn't ride on the trailer...not when his Uncle Rob was up front driving...the birthday boy got to ride up front too!


Then it was present time and as usual there was a cute blond front and center for gift opening time. Opening gifts with a 3 year old proved a little difficult...he wanted to open a gift and then play with that toy sufficiently before moving on to the next gift. It's made me think we may open gifts at home on our own time when Ruth Ann's party rolls around...




Then Ruth Ann did little swinging in the backyard with Betsy...



All in all it was a very fun birthday party! And a reminder that Ruth Ann's is right around the corner and this momma needs to get to planning!

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