Thursday, January 27, 2011

America's Most Wanted

Be on the look out for this little criminal...


Don't be fooled by her blond hair, blue eyes and charming personality...she's a self professed bully!

Last night as I was getting Ruth Ann ready for bed we started talking about going to school the following morning and how much fun it was going to be to see her friends. Then out of no where she confessed she had been "knocking her friends over"!! I don't use the phrase "knocking someone over" so I knew she must be telling the truth, she had to have picked this phrase up somewhere other than home which meant someone had scolded her for doing such a thing. We had a long talk about not pushing our friends and what the consequences would be if I found out she was pushing her friends at school. However, I can't be too upset with the's the toddler's father who I should be most upset with. You see a few months ago I was keeping church nursery and a little boy in Ruth Ann's class was pushing all the little girls over...including Ruth Ann. As a mother I wanted to string the little boy up by his toes, but I remained calm & impartial but reported the story to Arch when I got home. He then thought it wise to advise Ruth Ann, a toddler, to push this little boy you think that lesson hit home...nope. Guess who was the bully the following week in church nursery...Ruth Ann. My fear is that she has taken this lesson to heart and is now pushing kids down right and left! However, when I dropped her off at school I asked her teachers if Ruth Ann had been pushing other children and they assured me she had not and they thought she was too smart to do something like that. They felt she would think it through before pushing...yeah right, they're giving her too much credit! This girl may look sweet, but keep an eye on her...she's just as mean has her momma!!

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