Thursday, January 6, 2011

Things are going well

4 days at home and so far, so good. We settled on a name for Baby Boy prior to leaving the hospital...Archie Bruce McCarty, III...but you can call him Tripp. I had another name in mind, but Arch really, really wanted a 3rd. I fought the good fight, but I just couldn't look at my newborn baby any longer and refer to him as Baby I conceded and we settled on Tripp. He looks so sweet in he is coming home from the hospital...


And he's even sweeter in person. Ruth Ann was a good baby...but Tripp may have her beat. He's sleeping great and nursing like a champ. Ruth Ann never nursed successfully, so because I really wanted to her have that liquid gold (ie, breast milk) I pumped for 5 long weeks. Dirty bottles + dirty pump shields = lots of dirty dishes to wash. Having this chore removed from my list of things to do makes a world of difference this go around.

Ruth Ann is also settling in nicely to her role as big sister. Ruth Ann has never been very demanding of my time or attention, so she doesn't seem to mind that Tripp is taking up most of my time right now. She seems content to hang out with Grammy or watch Nick Jr. She has been acting more silly than usual and I told Arch it seems like her vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds. I fully expected to bring Tripp home and feel like Ruth Ann would physically grow into a little girl but she also seems more grown up in the way she interacts with each of us.

I think I'm adjusting to the role of mother of two nicely as well. I keep looking at Tripp and thinking I was just becoming a mother of one and I was living all these same moments with Ruth Ann...but now I'm the mother to these two sweet children...



And as much as I would love to think they'll always be as sweet as this to each other...


I know there will be more days like this than I would like...


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Sal-utations! said...

OMG! I am in LOVE with these pics of Ruth Ann and Tripp. ABSOLUTELY priceless!

Don't you feel like Ruth Ann is so much BIGGER now...esp if you have to change a diaper or pick her up...after holding Tripp?! That was the weirdest feeling for I had a new born and a little Oompa Lompa! :)