Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Year of the Tiger

I don't follow the Chinese calendar, but I happen to know that 2010 was the year of the Tiger...perfectly fitting since the Auburn Tigers finished their perfect season last night by winning the BCS National Championship!!

Besides Glendale, this is the other place I would have like to have been last night...

BCS Auburn Reax Football

Toomer's Corner! Instead, I was feeding Tripp as Auburn kicked the game winning field goal. One day when Tripp is a student at Auburn, he'll be able to say he was alive when Auburn won the 2010 National Championship...9 days old, but alive none the less!

Tripp had a bad night on Sunday night/Monday morning and kept us up from 12:30am-5am...it was rough for all those involved. Looking back I'm not sure whether he was excited about the pending snow or the football game we would be watching later Monday night. When the snow & ice set in I started to get worried about the possiblity of losing power but thankfully our power held out and I didn't fall over from exhaustion so I could watch every nail biting minute leading to Auburn's VICTORY!! I actually got to watch some of the game again at 5am when I woke Tripp up to feed him...it was a just as exciting the 2nd time!

There's only one thing to say friends...IT'S GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER....WAR EAGLE, HEY!

Now we'll ride out a nasty basketball season at our house and the McCarty family will looked forward to the Gamecocks baseball season.

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