Saturday, January 29, 2011

Highs in the 60's!

Finally, a warm & sunny day! It's funny how the last few weeks of bitter cold weather will change your perspective on what constitutes a "warm" day. In June, July or August 60 degrees feels like a frosty day in South Carolina...but we'll take a 60 degree after all the snow and ice we've seen here in recent weeks.

Ruth Ann & I planned a trip to the park to get out of this house we seem to have been trapped in for the last 4 weeks. Tripp stayed home with Arch...girls only this time!

Ruth Ann checked out most of the slides...


On this slide she came down head first...only once since her hands hit the dirty and got a little muddy. This slide looked alot like the slide at the pool at Disney and she came down that slide head first more than one time...innocent mistake.


Can you tell she was having fun??

Then we headed over to the swings where I divided my time between pushing Ruth Ann, taking pictures and playing defense to keep all the stray children from getting hit in the head by Ruth Ann as she was swinging. Special thanks to the group of irresponsible parents who decided to sit and watch their children walk in front of all the swinging children...why don't all parents understand the swings are a danger zone!!

And I'll point out that getting a motion shot with my camera is surprisingly difficult...


But I managed to get a few..



Then we headed back to the slides for a few more minutes. As we were walking back to the slide are we saw the cutest little puppy...


For just a minute it made me want a puppy again...but we've had a newborn and a puppy before so I quickly changed my mind and off the slides we went. While I was watching Ruth Ann I noticed another mom carrying around a very small baby. Being the mother of a 4 week old I was curious when it would be socially acceptable to bring my newborn to the park, so I asked this mom how old her baby was...I couldn't see him clearly because he was all bundled up...her response...9 DAYS OLD!! I told her she must have been itching to get out of her house...what other reason is there to bring a 9 day old infant to the public park? And she had a toddler Ruth Ann's age...maybe I just have an active toddler, but you would have had to sedate me following a trip to the park with both my children right now...I would have never been able to watch Ruth Ann and take care of Tripp at the same time. I feel like it will probably be the summer time before I could possibly do this outing to the park all by myself.

P.S. Please forgive the lack of a monogram on Ruth Ann's shirt...I feel like a monogramming failure by letting her wear this shirt without some kind of's on my list of things to do!

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Amanda said...

Wow Tara, she is getting so big! I love her long hair-except for the fact that she looks like a kid now and not a baby!

Brantley said...

Beautiful pictures of a sweet and beautiful girl!