Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Week


I was on the phone with my friend Erin Saturday afternoon at 5:13pm when I realized Tripp was officially one week old. Saturday was easily one of the longest days of my with excruciating pain will do that to you. But the other 6 days of the last week have flown by. Tripp is sleeping great & eating great and has fit right into our family. Ruth Ann is the anti-snuggler and I had hoped Tripp would be my snuggly child...I think I may have gotten my wish! He rarely cries, but I kinda think he's still in that sleepy newborn stage and just hasn't woken up yet...I'm enjoying these first perfect newborn days and doing all I can to try to remember this phase. As Ruth Ann got older I felt like I forgot these newborn days...I want to avoid that with Tripp since he'll be the last newborn I ever have. I'm also enjoying my days of hibernation since it's so very cold here right now. Arch says we're summer people or lake people and that is why we don't enjoy the snow...we're also completely unprepared for snow...there aren't even a pair of snow gloves in this whole house. Because we want Tripp ready for the summer, here's how Tripp has spent that last 2 days...


Sunbathing...just kidding. Tripp, like his sister before him, started to get a little bit jaundice. Not nearly has bad as Ruth Ann's but enough for our doctor to ask us to put him in the sunshine for a few hours. I think this will prepare him for summer days at Grammy's pool!

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