Sunday, January 2, 2011


Happy New Year's & Happy Birthday Baby Boy...still not named as I'm writing this post...


Born 1-1-11, 5:13pm, 6 lbs 6 oz, 19 1/2 inches long

So here's a rough time line of the events leading up to Baby's arrival...

Friday Night/Early Hours of Saturday Morning:
I can't sleep. I'm up about a million times during the night with contractions. I'm strep B positive and I convince myself my water will break during the night and I won't get to the hospital in time for the antibiotics needed during delivery and something terrible will happen to New can see why I didn't sleep well.

6am: Done trying to force myself to sleep, I get up to pack my bag, Baby's bag and Ruth Ann's over night bag. Go to the bathroom and see some obvious signs that labor is upon me. I take a shower & start timing contractions.

7:30am: I call doctor on call and discover my least favorite (this is putting it very mildly) doctor is on call, but she tells me to meet her in triage.

8am: Arrive at the hospital, go to the bathroom, signs of labor even more obvious, I'm hooked up to monitors and told I'm 3cm dilated...that up from 2cm on Wednesday.

10am: I'm checked again, no change and I'm told the doctor will be asking me to go home. I explain the contractions I'm feeling are same as the labor contractions I had with Ruth Ann and I don't think I should be having these contractions at home. The doctor comes in, tells me I'm not in labor, I've not progressed since Wednesday and I could stay in the condition I'm in for 3 more weeks before delivery. I very boldly told her I didn't feel like she was listening to me, I had progressed from 2-3cm and I was bleeding for goodness sake...she got very defensive, offered to keep me for 24 hours, but I very much wanted to run from the hospital at this point, so we packed up and left.

11:30am: Back home, Arch is cooking lunch and I try to lay down to rest but can not get comfortable because I'm having contractions again. But now I'm not sure if these are contractions or just figments of my imagination since it was exactly what I was experiencing in the hospital and told to go home.

1pm: I call my mom and start crying. I'm in terrible pain and she was on her way to our house. I wanted my mommy and I wanted her now!

1:30pm: My mom arrives and starts timing my contractions...1.5 minutes long, 3 minutes apart. She tells me to call the doctor, who then tells me to go back to the hospital.

2pm: Arrive back at the hospital...I couldn't walk into the building I was in so much mom wheeled me via wheel chair. We check back in, I'm checked, I'm now 6 cm and am being admitted. I start to cry again, out of pain, and fear I'll not be able to receive the precious drugs I know I'll need to make it through delivery...I'm a whimp!

2:15pm: IV started, heading to labor and delivery. Arrive at L&D and am checked again...8cm! The doctors arrives and congratulates me on being in labor...guess how much I want to resort to violence at this point??

2:30pm: Antibiotics in, epidural started (PRAISE JESUS!), and I'm given Nubain...ahhh, relief. I'm back in my right mind and can't feel a single thing! i heart IV drugs!! I'm told we'll wait 4 hours to let antibiotics get into my system before we'll talk about delivery.

5pm: Baby's heart beat drops following a contraction, they try to shift my position but can't keep his heart beat on the monitor well, so the doctor says he's coming out now.

5:12pm: Water broken, 3 pushes later...

5:13pm: Baby Boy arrives!

So I beat my previous record of 9 pushes with Ruth Ann...good thing this is my last because there is no telling how quickly a 3rd baby would arrive! He's doing great. He's a much better breast feed baby than his sister least so far. I'm hoping we'll get to go home tomorrow, but it will depend on the pediatrician's visit. I'm hoping our friendship with our ped will help us get out of here a little bit earlier. So far Baby Boy looks just like his sister...much as I expected...and is unbelievably sweet...I'm in LOVE! I'll leave you with a few pictures and then I'm going to rest a little...



Ugg...I can't believe I'm going to share this picture...but I'm keeping it real's what I looked like after progressing to 8cm without any drugs...


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Taylor family: Tim, Becky, Tabitha said...

Tara, I think you look beautiful; you have such a glow on your face! And I hope that Dr. thinks about it next time when she sends someone home! I would have wanted to reach out and touch! I digress....congratulations and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! How wonderful to have a baby on 1-1-11. Bunches of luck to you all. Lisa Bell Crouch

Sarah said...

I can't wait to see all of the cute things you make for your baby boy!

Candi said...

Tara- You look absolutely beautiful after all you went through. What a good looking couple of kiddos. Can't wait to get to meet him:)