Thursday, June 2, 2011

5 Months Old


All week long at work I kept saying I couldn't believe it was almost June...but what seems to be even more unbelievable is the fact that this baby boy is already 5 months old!


At 5 months, this is what Tripp-man is up to...
~Sleeping very well through the night...usually to bed around 8pm and sleeps to 7am on the dot. When 7am rolls around this boy is ready to EAT! Then he goes right back to sleep and takes 2 more short naps during the day
~Getting better at eating rice cereal...but what a mess! I've bought some stage 1 baby food that we'll start to introduce in the coming weeks. It felt kinda weird being back in the baby food section again...thankfully, the price of baby food seems to have stayed the same!
~He's now a baby in motion...and by motion I mean rolling...but only from back to tummy, so he doesn't get far...yet.
~Lots & Lots of babbling...I'm confident I have another talker on my hands.
~He's found his feet and he loves them...
During most of his waking hours he is trying to grab those little chubby feet. I've been thinking for a while that he is teething...evident by his fingers often being found in his mouth and he's a drooling machine...but so far no little teeth have popped through...yet.

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