Saturday, June 4, 2011

Looking out for Papaw

If you've spent any amount of time around Ruth Ann and my mom then you know this little girl L-O-V-Es her Grammy...but she has a special place in her heart for her Papaw too (that's my dad to Ruth Ann). I had planned on having my kids call my dad "Grumpy"...and if you know my dad there is no explanation needed. But my dad's dad was Papaw to me & my cousins so it was important to him to have the Papaw it is. Anyway, last year for Ruth Ann's birthday she got a doll house and a doll family from my parents. Although she doesn't play with it much right now,it is in her room and at times it catches her eye. This past week she's been very concerned about Papaw's comfort level in her doll house. She keeps taking him out, with the double bed, and I randomly find him through out the house like this...


When I found him this time she had perched his bed on top of one of the pillows from my bed...only the best for old Papaw. After seeing the current conditions of her doll house it's no wonder why Papaw needs a peaceful place to rest...


Apparently the whole family has moved themselves and all their belongings to the bathroom on the second floor to rent out the kitchen to Fluffy...perhaps it's due to rising gas prices...who knows, but Ruth Ann made sure Papaw had a quiet place to lay his head...night-night Papaw!


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The Crotwell Family said...

I couldn't help but laugh out loud of these pictures...oh my goodness, that is hilarious! Just seeing your cat nestled in the doll house is priceless!! At least she hasn't put her stuffed toys on the potty yet, this is one of Allie-Ann's favorite past times. She will place poo bear on her potty seat and read to him. I can't get Allie-Ann to potty but her stuffed toys seem to understand the concept.

Brantley said...