Thursday, June 9, 2011

One man's trash... now Ruth Ann's treasure! So if you follow my blog you may remember Ruth Ann's previous motorized vehicle from earlier this Spring...


So mom told me last weekend she considered getting Ruth Ann and Tripp a brand new car for Easter, but I was glad she didn't. After looking at blogs and Facebook pictures from this past Easter I began to wonder when Easter became Christmas. Some of the gifts kids got from the Easter Bunny were what I may have gotten from Santa when I was growing up. Our Easter Bunny delivers candy and a stuffed animal...I would have looked like a huge fool had I ranted about this with friends only to turn around and have my children receive a sparkling new motorized car...anyway, back on point...

Last weekend Arch and Spencer went over to his mom's house to get his clothes for the week and spotted this jewel by the road waiting for trash pick-up. They both assured me it was intended for the trash man and not left accidentally by the side of the road by an irresponsible driver...let's hope they don't get busted for grand theft auto.


All it needed was a new battery and Arch had it purring like a kitten. Ruth Ann had a few accidents...


And a little trouble keeping it between the lines...


But give her a wide open yard and she was doing doughnuts for hours!


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