Thursday, June 9, 2011

Family Lake Day

After Tripp decided to join in our family love all things water related I agreed to take him out on the boat for a day on the lake. Arch had been asking for a weeks but since Tripp had been such a hand full on our previous trips to the pool there was no way I was going to be trapped on a boat in the middle of the lake with him. Since he had a good time at the pool the previous Friday I agreed that we could try it out...and it was a success!

2 other families joined us for our afternoon of boating...the Brown's went out with us...


After re-reading my blog post I noticed what may be the sweetest picture ever...


Any question this may be a Daddy's Girl??

Later the Clark's met up with us at our favorite hole...


I only managed to get a picture of Brantley and Roper but all 4 Clarks joined us.

Here's our first family picture in the lake...and now that I've typed that I think this may actually be our first family of 5 picture of any kind!  One day I'll explain to Tripp why he was in a pink float...being the 2nd child he gets to use a lot of Ruth Ann's old things...but since he loved the lake I'll be buying him his own blue float before our next boat trip!


Well, actually, this was our very first picture, but a member of the Brown family joined in...we LOVE Jay Brown, so we would gladly add him to our family...but I think his family would miss him terribly!


If you're a long time follower of my blog you may remember this picture from 2 years ago. Arch's love of the lake may be equal to my love of the beach. We took our first trip to the beach with Ruth Ann when she was 5 months old. I won't lie, it was hard, but I had always dreamed of having a child who loved the beach too and would sleep on the beach next to my beach chair. Our first day on the beach was a disaster!

Allow me to present exhibit A:


This is when I discovered swim diapers are only absorbent when they are wet...this revelation was revealed to me after Ruth Ann cried for 30 minutes on the beach, then being loaded up and taken back to the beach house for me to discover tee-tee pooled up in her swim diaper...lesson learned! The next day however, my beach dream came true...


Now I share this stroll down memory lane to share Arch's dream of days on the lake with his baby asleep on the boat...dreams can come true to daddy's too...

He slept...


And slept...


While the rest of the McCarty kids played in the lake...


Arch was one happy daddy...but we were all exhausted and wishing it wasn't time to head home...but luckily there will be LOTS more summer days spent on the lake!

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