Friday, June 3, 2011

I've changed my mind

Last weekend Arch finally had his summer dreams come true and he headed out to the lake with the boat. He's lucky to have a friends with ample room for other boats so he doesn't have to pull it back & forth on long weekends. So the boat stayed all weekend and when he returned on Sunday he took Ruth Ann out with him...that left me at home, alone, with this little guy...


I remember when Ruth Ann was this age and I thought I had my hands full...HA! I keep looking at him and thinking "Why did I ever think this age was hard??" Now I'll admit I'm lucky to have fairly easy babies...if children weren't so expensive to keep up I'd probably have one more, but I think it's best not to press my luck and end up with a terribly cranky baby...let's end on a great note! Ruth Ann was just as easy a baby as Tripp is now...clearly it's just that my perspective has changed. I enjoyed Ruth Ann at this age but I think I got to caught up in the idea of being a new mother and clearly I must of have felt with Tripp-man I'm enjoying how sweet and content he is all the time. He's a go-with-the-flow sort of guy and I love every single minute with him...and this time I realize how easy he can make my day while his 2 year old sister is running me ragged...which makes me love him all the more! I'll take a day alone with this baby boy any day!

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