Monday, June 13, 2011

Lunch and the Sky Wheel

When we arrived at the beach Page wanted to go eat down on the beach at Jimmy Buffet's newest restaurant...the man knows a good cheeseburger, so off we went...and the cheeseburger didn't disappoint!


After lunch Page wanted to show us the newest attraction on the Grand Strand...The Sky Wheel. Let me ask you other SC residents...have I been living with my head in a hole or has anyone else heard about this ferris wheel? According to Page it's been quite the buzz and had a line down the block when it opened 2 weeks ago.


It's quite impressive, but let me fill you in on a secret. We stood watching car after car go past us empty! When you're standing in the blazing sun with your 2 year old it leads you to question the people operating the we asked what the deal was. All the cars are never filled at once so they can maintain the correct balance...pretty interesting fact and made the steam pouring from my ears simmer down knowing they actually knew what they were doing.

I began to wonder if the wait was because they wanted to decide if Ruth Ann fit all the criteria to ride the Sky Wheel...I question this one...


Finally, our turn to board arrived...


And the views can't be beat!



But one thing is noticeably absent when your high on top of the Grand a SC native...kinda, I was born in NC, but have lived in SC for 28 years...this makes me sad...


If you're from SC or have vacationed at Myrtle Beach prior to the 5 years ago then this probably makes you a little sad too...that big empty lot is where the Pavilion once stood. If you don't know what the Pavilion is or "was" I should say then you need to stop what you're doing right now and find the nearest copy of the movie're promised to end up with "beach fever" but it gives you an idea of what life at the Pavilion was all about. The company who bought it had big plans for bringing in new attractions to the beach...but it seems they've run out of money and now an empty lot is all that is left of what was a fun...all be it to spend your afternoon at the beach.  As a person who publicly admits I HATE CHANGE...this is proof positive that sometimes change isn't always a good thing.

Not to end the post on such a downer... the new board walk is really beautiful and if you're down on the coast this summer lunch on the beach and stroll down the boardwalk would be a fun way to spend the afternoon...this post is in no way affiliated with the Grand Strand Tourism Council...just my own opinion!

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