Saturday, April 28, 2012

Easter Part 4...Easter Sunday

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook &/or in real life, you know I had set out to make Ruth Ann and Tripp matching Easter outfits for Easter 2012. For Ruth Ann's 1st & 2nd Easter my mom bought Ruth Ann & my niece matching Easter dresses because we also had the girls spring pictures taken together around the same time each year. Last year, I decided at the last minute to make Ruth Ann's dress but this year with 2 to make for I knew I had to get a jump on it...I'd also never used the pattern for Tripp's outfit and I would be making it solo since I no longer take lessons. I was pretty proud of how both turned out...Tripp's may be my favorite only because I felt so accomplished by completing it all by myself. I scheduled to have bunny pictures and a portrait picture taken of Tripp and he lasted all of about 5 minutes before melting into a puddle of tears.  Why the tears??   Because in order to take a picture of Tripp and just Tripp alone, I, mommy, must stand at least 3 feet from him and he wasn't having any distance separate him from his momma...sweet, yes...but also hair raising as I mentioned in the previous post. My sweet photographer offered to meet me again later that same week to try again...but the results were the same...I may start keeping hard liquor in my car when I take my kids for pictures!

But I didn't give up, I knew I had another chance to get a great picture on Easter Sunday...but once more, this is how most of my pictures looked...


My mom said Ruth Ann looks like she's not sure what to do...oh trust me, this girl knows what to do when you pull a camera out...I think she's just saying "Here we go again!" since she's been along for all the previous attempts at getting this picture.

I've told my photographer I'm convinced Tripp just hates his outfit and he's letting me know very early just how much he hates wearing smocked clothes. Everyone has an opinion on smocked clothing & little boys...and some people are just rude enough to say it out loud...if you don't like smocking on little boys then I say to you "Opinions are like b-holes, some people's stink!"...I personally believe if you don't like smocking on little boys then your opinion stinks! Tripp clearly doesn't appreciate smocking and I've changed his diapers so I know just how stinky things are down there, so my statement is correct...both Tripp's opinion and his b-hole stink!  I got an A in Logic in college...can you tell??

We did however manage to get a good family picture thanks to the tri-pod Arch got me for's also the same tri-pod that allowed me to get such a great group picture in the previous post...


We spent the day with my parents and my in-laws watching the Master's after we ate the traditional ham, mac & cheese and deviled eggs...all of those items scream Easter lunch to me. The Easter bunny also made a stop...and he left me with a few extra pounds thanks to my love of his seasonal's what the kids got...

001 016 021

I have to interject here and just he not the cutest baby boy on the Earth??!! But I'm totally bias!

024 026

And this will conclude the McCarty family Easter 2012. I hope everyone had a great Easter, that the Easter bunny was good to you and also that you were able to get a better picture of your children than I did...your picture may be better, but in hind sight I think mine might be the funniest...I totally didn't feel that way Easter Sunday...time heals and also calms my nerves!

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