Monday, April 30, 2012

Memory Lane

This past weekend I was picking up around the house and I ran across this picture...


 It's the picture I took of Ruth Ann and mailed to friends who don't live close to let them know we were expecting a 2nd baby. What's crazy about this picture is Ruth Ann is the same age that Tripp is now...I knew a long time ago (like while I was pregnant with Tripp) that he would be our last. But when I look at this picture and think back to feeling like Ruth Ann was no longer a baby and I was ready for another I kinda think I must have been out of my mind...why did I think she wasn't a baby?? She still has the look of a baby to me when I look at this picture but I also remember feeling so sad that my baby girl was now a big girl. With Tripp, I still look at him like he's a's so crazy how time changes your perspective. I'm told by mommas of boys that it's because he's my little boy and we mothers of little boys look at our baby boys differently than we do our daughters and try to keep them a baby longer. I'm also told my mothers with more than one child it's because he's my 2nd and we don't let them grow up as quickly...I think it's a little of both. Either way, I'm thankful my babies look like a baby for a really long time thanks to the extra layer of chub they carry around. I'm also thankful for warmer temperatures so I can start enjoying my last summer of dressing a baby in a bubble...


 Thighs like these need to see the light of day and be enjoyed by one and all...especially his momma!

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