Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My biggest compromise...

Old married couples will probably tell you the secret to a long happy marriage is compromise...which might be true...very often it's also one of the biggest challenges in a marriage. Here are 2 compromises...


The first is Tripp-man...well, not the baby boy himself, Arch and I both wanted 2 children together so the desire to have this baby boy was on both of our hearts years before he was conceived...his name on the other hand...HUGE compromise. For those that don't know the story behind Tripp's name, allow me to share. When we found out we were pregnant I felt the exact same way as I had when I was pregnant with Ruth Ann...and since everyone will tell you how different you feel between a boy verses a girl I was convinced I was a having another girl. We had a girl name picked out...Laura Elizabeth (Arch's paternal grandmother's name and my middle name) since Ruth Ann was named after my grandmother I thought this was an excellent compromise & I really loved the thought of another double name...Laura Beth. I didn't even think about boy names although I had one in mind from before we discovered Ruth Ann was a girl...John Edwin McCarty, after both of my grandfathers, but Arch didn't like it because he want his name in the name somewhere...I explained it was...the last name!

Anyway, when we discovered we were actually looking forward to a baby boy I was shocked. First my mind was spinning with all the changes our current sleeping situation would have to go through but second I realized we didn't have a name. I had some serious monogramming I wanted to get done and none of it would happen without a name. So discussions began...Arch is a junior and he wanted a 3rd...I said okay if and only if we called him Tripp...Arch vetoed it, so I said no to the idea of a 3rd...and then we didn't talk about name much for the next 4 months. I thought William Bruce was a perfect compromise...William after my father and Arch's maternal grandfather and Bruce after Arch's paternal grandfather and his dad's middle name...I saw this a HUGE compromise...Arch didn't and we continued to refer to Tripp as "Baby Boy" until the night before Tripp and I were released from the hospital...I seriously thought they would not allow us to go home until he was named...but FYI, they'll let you go home without a name.  After he was born we were asked by every nurse who entered my room if we had decided on a name...and finally I broke down in tears and told Arch I just could not refer to my child as Baby Boy any more. Arch had decided he was okay with calling our baby Tripp if we named him the III and he felt that was a Tripp got his name and even though I didn't think this was a compromise at all, I can't imagine this baby boy by any other name...isn't that funny how we grow into our names.

The 2nd compromise is the awful recliner Tripp is sitting put it simply...I HATE recliners. Many will argue they're comfort is worth the terrible way they look...but that's an argument that falls on deaf ears with me. But a few years ago I was at a complete loss with what to get Arch for Christmas...and after years of asking for a recliner, I thought this was the perfect gift for Arch. You might be thinking I sit in the chair all the me, I don't. Maybe it's years of being told by my own parents that my brother and I were not allowed to sit in my daddy's chair, I'm not sure...but the other 3 members of my family fight over this chair and race to get there before anyone else on a regular occasion. Tripp was alone with me the day I took this picture but there are times Tripp will scream and cry if you hold him in this chair he'll scream until you stand up to let him have it all to himself. Although I'm glad to have purchased a gift so many in my family enjoy...some days I wish I could haul this eye sore off to the dump...a girl can only dream!

So, are you keeping count...I have 2 huge compromises here that in my mind ensure a long happy marriage for me and my hubs!

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