Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter...Part 2

I have many  more pictures of Easter I need to load to Flicker and then post on the blog, but that task has been push way to the bottom of my To-Do list in recent weeks.  But I did have one more picture I wanted to share from Ruth Ann's school Easter party and sweet story to go with it...

One of the stops during the Easter extravaganza at school was a tattoo station.  They had a whole table covered in press on tattoos for the kids to pick from.  There were girly polka dotted eggs that I thought were really cute and I, in my typical fashion, kept encouraging Ruth Ann to pick one of the cuter tattoos.  She kept her eye on a tattoo of the cross & insisted it was the one she was probably one of the more boyish tattoos and I just need to come except the fact that I'm raising a tom-boy...but she's going to be a tom-boy in smocked &/or girly clothes for as long as I buy the clothes!

Here she is showing off her tattoo...


See, not girly at all.  Later that night I asked Ruth Ann why she picked the cross tattoo instead of the cute eggs...her response "Because the cross is my favorite thing."   Please don't read this and think my child is a budding evangelist...anything she wants right now is her "favorite thing"...but very often I feel like my kids were given to me as my little accountability partners.  As Easter got closer I started thinking more and more about her tattoo selection and what she said.  It's so easy to get wrapped up in the materialistic side of any holiday...for Easter in the South it's having the perfect Easter dress and looking your best on Easter morning.  I've also noticed Easter being the new Christmas in regards to what the Easter bunny brings...I'm not sure why the Easter bunny is trying to compete with Santa in other homes, but at my house growing up the Easter bunny always kept it simple...stuffed animal and candy.  Besides, the Easter bunny shouldn't be jealous of Santa at my opinion, Easter has the best candy of all the candy holidays so the Easter bunny has the edge on the candy as far as I'm concerned.  But even though Easter candy is my favorite candy and getting my children dressed in their very best is a lot of fun (trying to take of picture of these same children was the exact opposite of fun),  but all those things should not be my favorite...I should have the same attitude as my 3 year out, you won't hear me say that phrase often...and the Cross should be my favorite thing too.  I love Ruth Ann's school and how they have taught them the Easter story.  I love hearing her tell about Jesus rising from the dead & the amazement in her voice when she says he was gone from the tomb.  I needed a reminder to forget about the polka dotted eggs, the delicious candy and the pretty clothes...and God sent me that little reminder through my sassy & stubborn little 3 year old...He does work in mysterious ways!

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