Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ada is 2!!


As much as I can't believe Ruth Ann will be one next week, I can't believe Ada is 2! It feels like yesterday that we were at the beach with Toni & Adam when we found out this baby would be a girl and Toni spent the entire week with morning (& afternoon & evening) sickness.

Last weekend Spencer, Ruth Ann and I drove to Walhalla to celebrate Ada's 2nd birthday. It was a "Bug" theme and all the decorations were super cute!




Ada got a kitchen for her birthday from her momma, so I bought some accessories for the kitchen...and I gave her the birthday outfit she's wearing if you haven't already figured that out!


Ruth Ann & I have been to several toddler birthday's this year and what I've learned has changed my belief of a well wrapped gift. I've said before that I would one day like to own a children's clothing store. One thing I would like for my store to excel in is gift wrap. I'm very particular about my gift wrap & would NEVER give a gift in a bag with tissue paper. I want crisp corners and beautiful bows. At Christmas time I'm known to have all my gifts match under the tree and I love a bow fit for Southern Living! However, after watching toddler's struggle to open well wrapped gifts while tearing into bags with tissue paper...I've changed my belief system for children's presents...use a bag, they love throwing the paper...these pictures are all the evidence you need...





Then it was time for cupcakes...all I can say about Ada and her technique for eating her cupcake is that she is a child after my own heart. I remember tearing the bottom off of cupcakes to only eat the icing...her method is very similar!


And then the party was over and Ada wanted to head to the playground. I think this picture clearly says "Peace out, thanks for coming to my party, I gotta go now, Love Ada!"


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