Wednesday, November 18, 2009



Lately my sweet little girl has developed quite the attitude. She has become what I can only describe as "defiant" (openly & boldly resistant). I'm curious where she developed this behavior at such a young age. I've discussed this with other friends who are also mothers and they immediately get a look on their faces that clearly says "Been there, done that!". Then I discussed this attitude problem with my mom and I'm reminded of years of stories my aunt use to share about me. She claims my mom use to drag me into stores kicking and screaming...all the while my mom never batted an eye. My mom doesn't remember any of these moments, which gives me hope that I too will forget how rotten my child is these days. She continues to be as cute as ever, however, this awful behavior is quickly helping me discover how to arrive at my wits end...and we're almost there!


As we rapidly approach Ruth Ann's 1st birthday I've been asked several times if Ruth Ann is close to answer, NOPE. She is a very efficient crawler and she doesn't seem ready to trade crawling on all fours for walking on her own two feet!


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The Howell family said...

oh just wait until your precious angel turns two. girls are soooo emotional!