Friday, November 27, 2009

Ruth Ann's first birthday presents...

Last week at my bi-monthly sewing class my very good friend Jeannie brought Ruth Ann her first birthday presents. Unfortunately she and her girls can't make it to the party next weekend. I thought I would wait and let her open her gifts at the party...but I couldn't wait. I thought she needed to get a little practice in before the big day...


Can't you see the excitement all over her face!


She loved her book...That's Not My Kitty. We love books and we love anything with a kitty cat so this book was a big hit!


This is the neatest's a bowl that makes a variety of noises when you dip the spoon into bowl. We haven't put food in it yet...Ruth Ann is happy to walk around with the spoon in hand and playing with the bowl. Whatever keeps her happy!

Thanks Ms. Jeannie, Ava & Jenna! We'll miss you girlies next week!

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