Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to catch a cat by the tail

How to Catch a Cat by the Ruth Ann McCarty

Step One: Use your cutest and most innocent look to slowly sneak up on the kitty of your choosing. I prefer our cat Lacie...she's very fat and therefore much slower than Fluffy. This is very important in my pursuit of my feline friends as I am not walking yet and I'm not as quick on all fours as she is.


Step Two: Distract said kitty with a little sharing. Earn their trust by offering your most priced possession. I love my pacie's so I was pretty sure Lacie would love them too.



Step Three: Once trust is earned very quickly go for the tail.


Step Four: Be careful, I've learned kitty cats DO NOT like for their tails to be pulled. I'm not strong enough to pull Lacie anywhere because as I've already mentioned, she's very fat.


However, I've been known to pull Fluffy off the couch by her tail.


But don't worry, my kitties don't have claws, so I'm safe to play rough with them...thank goodness. And thankfully the kitties still have lots of hiding places to escape to when they get tired of me.

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Auralee said...

Great post!!!!

The Howell family said...

hilarious! cute haircut :) we had fun with you gals!