Sunday, November 1, 2009

I love being a girl

Not only do I love being a girl...I love having a baby girl. I just wish this baby girl looked a little more like me! I'm fully aware Ruth Ann looks just like her daddy and brother... but now complete strangers are pointing this out to me. Last week Ruth Ann and I went to the tennis courts to watch Arch. The wife of one of the men playing against him turned and pointed to Arch and asked if he was my husband. I told her he was to which she responded by telling me that my daughter looked just like him...from 20 feet she could tell they were daddy &'s really not fair! However, when she looks this cute I really don't care which one of us she looks like!


I got this dress last year from Donna Salais who set Arch & I up on a blind date many years ago. I've looked at this dress hanging in her closet for months. We don't go places often enough that require we get dressed up so on Friday I decided to dress Ruth Ann up for our monthly supper club. She was super cute, but the long dress realy slowed her down when she tried to crawl anywhere!


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